5. ‘Almost-adulting’

Last night I had one of my many quarter-life-crises, as one does, and because I have a lot of thoughts about this I thought I’d write some of them down. I turned 18 a few months ago and instead of being happy about ‘almost-adulting’ (as queen Arden Rose likes to call it) I’ve kind of been freaking out. Writing my thoughts down always seems to help, so here I go.

Being a ‘legal adult’ comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a 17-year-old you barely have any responsibilities other than doing your best in school. Suddenly you’re 18 and there’s insurance to pay, university, tuition and everything that comes with it. I’m sure that it’s normal for all these new responsibilities to take some getting used to, but I’m a little scared, not gonna lie.

Besides all the financial responsibilities, there are just a lot of changes that require some adjusting. Take university for example. Next to going to a new school in a new city with a bunch of new people, going to university raises a bunch of questions. For example “Am I taking the right course?”, “Is this what I want to do in life?” or “Is this the right place for me?”. Unfortunately I don’t know the answers to these questions, no one does, but that won’t stop me from thinking about them. A lot.

As of last week, I’ve been studying criminology. All the classes I’ve had so far have been interesting, but I’ve been having doubts about having made the right choice. Criminology wasn’t the only course I was interested in taking. I’m a creative person, I love taking pictures, drawing and simply making things, so naturally art school was on the list. The problem with art school is the uncertainty it brings. Yes you should do what you love, but what if doing what you love might be a bad idea? In the future I want to be able to provide for my family and have some financial security and art school might not be able to give me that. Sure, every field brings its own problems but the chances are just a lot slimmer with courses outside the creative field.

Next to the potential future financial issues, art school might be harder than it sounds. It’s not just drawing pictures all day and that being it, you have to be able to be creative almost 24/7. Personally I have good ideas come to me either 15 times a day or once every 3 months. Going to art school might put too much pressure on being creative, giving me the idea that it might be a good idea to leave it all as a hobby.

There are MANY, many more thoughts going on in my mind and I’ll work on making the time to write them all down whenever it all gets a bit too much. So if you’re interested in everything going on in the shit storm that is my brain….. stay tuned. I know this post has been really long but I have so many thoughts on so many things!! If you’ve sat through this whole post, thank you very much and if you have any tips, please feel free to let me know (also any ideas for different topics?).


Lots of love,