4. 2017

What a year it was. 2017 was one of the worst, but simultaneously one of the best years of my life. So much has happened the past twelve months that I cannot possibly cover them with one single post, but that won’t stop me from trying.

2017 threw a lot of shit at me, like it did at a lot of other people. I went through a very shitty breakup at the beginning of the year, that somehow lasted till October? It was one big shit show, but even though it sounds hella cliché, I’m a much better person now. I have learned to sometimes put myself first and not let other people be in charge of my life and how I feel. (Special shoutout to Tessa for putting up with all my rants about boys this year. Make sure to check out her blog, it’s amazing).

Therapy is something I started with this year. I had been putting it off for a couple of years but this spring I decided it was time. I’m glad I made that decision, because I learned a lot about myself in a really short amount of time. For any of you that are having doubts about this, just try it out! Your feelings rarely get worse from going to therapy so why not give it a shot?

These past few months I tried to focus on myself more. This came forward in the widest range of situations ever, for example my instagram. I would often not post certain pictures, because I was afraid people might view me as too pretentious. But guess what? If I like a picture, why would I not post it? I see instagram as a platform where you try to create your own audience for the pictures you want to share. If someone doesn’t like my pictures, they’re simply not part of the right audience and they have every right to leave. If any of you are ever in doubt wether or not you should post something, ask yourself this question: Will I hurt someone’s feelings with the content of this picture/video? If the answer is no and you like the picture, please just post it! Fill your feed with the most prententious, artsy pictures in the world and be happy scrolling through your own feed. When you’re an 84 year old little berry, you’re not going to think about how relieved you are about not posting that one picture. Let’s be real.

To sum everything up, this year was all about self-awareness and growing as a person. I’m happy to leave the shit memories behind in 2017 and take with me everything I’ve learned.